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Some of our strongest relationships are with our foundries and forges that we represent. We have worked with them for many years and have an intimate knowledge of their capabilities.

Whether your casting is iron, steel, bronze, aluminum, or any other specialty alloy, we can provide you with what you need. Our size range goes from ounces using investment castings, up to 5,000 pounds with traditional pouring methods. New patterns are not a problem either. If it is necessary, we would be happy to quote that as well. Our partner foundries have been in operation for many years and have the know-how and expertise to ensure that a quality product will arrive at your door.
If you are in need of forgings, we also have multiple sources, depending on the material needed. Each source has a varying size capacity, ranging from ounces to 400 pounds. Inquire today to see how we can meet your casting and forging needs.

Our powdered metal parts also provide a great deal of quality, and can be very cost effective. Often times, parts can be produced that require very little, to no machining at all. The facility is equipped to specialize in short run productions, but is fully capable for long production runs as well. We also stock over 1,500 different sizes of oil impregnated bronze bearings and can ship within 24 hours. Allow us to show you how you can benefit from utilizing powdered metals.
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