Our Services

We have the expertise and capabilities to serve various industries. To find out for yourself, contact us to discuss your needs. You will find our service and customer satisfaction are second to none.

Primary Industries served

Mining, Oil & Gas, Industrial Pumps, Fall Protection, Meters and Measuring


C and M Sales Company does its very best to stay current with machining technology. Our continued investment in up-to-date equipment allows us to provide our customers with competitive pricing, efficient turnaround time, and precision-made parts. Our operators are familiar with machining from a wide variety of materials, including steel, bronze, aluminum, cast iron, various types of alloy steel, and exotic materials.

Our 5-Axis Milling machining center leads the way in our CNC milling department. We have a number of machines capable of tackling anything big and small. Within this segment, we operate both vertical and horizontal machining centers, giving us multiple options to complete the job in the most efficient manner possible.

The CNC turning department also houses a large variety of machines. From our VTL that operates with over 50” turning diameter, to our twin-spindle lathes that are the epitome of efficiency, we have the equipment to get the job done.


After your components are machined here at C and M Sales, our staff can continue the production process by putting the pieces together to create the final assembly for you to use right out of the box. Our capabilities allow us to assemble almost anything. Whether large or small, simple or complex, our staff takes the time to ensure quality product is shipped to you, how you want it.

C and M Sales can source the components necessary for us to complete your assembly. We can also keep inventory of any of the components needed so that the assembly process can be completed quickly and efficiently, allowing us to provide our customers with turn-key products they can rely on.

Please contact us to see how we can simplify your purchasing process and provide you with finished assemblies ready for you to provide to your customers.


C and M Sales offers a variety of fabrication services. We can provide our customers with formed parts, stampings, laser cutting, water jet cutting, and welding of a variety of materials.

Our welders are ASME Section IX and AWS D1.1 certified to ensure they can produce quality product. We also utilize the latest equipment to allow our welders to turn out the best product possible.

Combining our machining capabilities with our fabrication services gives us a distinct advantage over many of our competitors. Whether we are machining prior to fabrication, or after, having the capabilities in house means that we can control the project from start to finish.


Castings and forgings are essential components in the history of manufacturing. These processes allow for complex shapes that are not achievable with conventional machining. Over time, technologies and techniques have changed to allow for castings and forgings to become more precise, yet the previous methods still have a place in manufacturing today.

C and M Sales maintains relationships with many foundries and forge shops, allowing us to source these materials in many sizes, shapes, and alloys. We work with both sand and investment cast foundries for castings, and we source forgings from closed and open die shops.

Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic balancing is a way of balancing a part by rotating it quickly and measuring the imbalance using electronic equipment. The imbalance measured can then be corrected by adding or subtracting weight from the rotating parts until the vibration is reduced. An unbalanced rotating body will be unable to spin efficiently and will likely vibrate. Off-axis vibration forces cause noise, discomfort to machine operators and may exceed the design limits of individual machine components, reducing the service life of these parts. Unbalance can place the entire system at risk of catastrophic failure, particularly where the speed of rotation or mass of the rotating body is very high.

C and M Sales utilizes in-house dynamic balancing to perform these services on machined and assembled parts for our customers. Our equipment is calibrated regularly, and factory serviced to keep it maintained to factory standards.